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A catalogue of Grand Champions toy horse collectibles.

Grand Champions are model toy horses produced between 1988 and 2008 by Empire Toys and Alpha International. Made from hard plastic with soft, brushable manes and tails, models come in a wide variety of styles, colours and poses. Widely distributed throughout North America, Europe and Australia, each horse came with a variety of accessories and a biography card detailing their name, breed and history.

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Originally owned by the American-based company Empire Toys the first horses were manufactured by Marchon Industries. Empire Toys declared bankruptcy in the winter of 2000 and was bought in June 2001, by Alpha International of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.[1]

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They are 6-inch horse models, similar in size to Breyer Classic Models. They are highly detailed with well-defined muscles and veins[2].

Model Horses[3] Edit

Model horses are scale replicas of real horses and are highly collectible.

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